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Designed to teach you the essential skills needed to be an effective & powerful Coach. The focus of this program is HOW to Coach Leaders, Executives & anyone wanting to improve their Life or Business

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Coachology is a team of professional coaches, trainers, and facilitators who are passionate about delivering world-class proven strategies and methodologies from Coaching, Psychology, Quantum Physics, and Neuroscience to empower and inspire leaders and organisations to achieve their results.

We are global experts in leadership development, creating coaching cultures, and certifying professional coaches. Our purpose at Coachology is globally empowering leaders to positively inspire, influence, and impact.

We offer world-class coach training and tailored coaching solutions for professionals and organisations. Our vision is globally certifying and mentoring professional coaches, implementing coaching cultures, and creating organisational well-being. We have extensive experience servicing Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, the UAE, and various other locations across Southeast Asia.

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We are centrally based in Bangkok, and can easily service the entire region, with support from our strategic partners & experienced team.


We provide Customised Solutions, focusing on YOUR needs.


We have an in-depth knowledge of human behaviour, and the tools necessary to affect positive change.


We believe in creating synergy within organisations, which leads to better team engagement and long-term sustainable growth.


We focus on results, not excuses, We work with you as a partner, a co-creator of results.


Proven Success, as seen by our Success Stories.

Professional & Engaging

We provide Professional & Engaging Virtual Workshops to ANY organization ANYWHERE in the World.

Accelerate Your Leadership Journey With World-Class NLP Training & Certifications.

Training & Workshops

Our Coaching Services

We provide customised in-house Leadership Workshops and public Coaching Certification programs.

Certified Coach

We provide a Professional Coaching & Training for Individuals and Organisation. Learn more

Professional Training

We provide Professional & Engaging Workshops to ANY
organization ANYWHERE in the World. Learn more

Corporate Needs

We create a Customized Solution that ensures best Engagement, best Results and best ROI. Learn more

Online & In-Person Sessions

Our Training Programs

NLP Leadership 4-In-1 Certification

NLP Leadership 4-In-1 Certification Become aware of the mechanics of the mind, so that we can learn how to control our thoughts and emotions. Learn all the tools and techniques for re-programming our subconscious mind to achieve greater success and happiness in all areas of our life and business. Learn more

ICF Leadership Coaching Certification

ICF Leadership Coaching Certification Learn executive and peer coaching, succession planning, delegation, leadership, and business development. Discover specific tools, techniques, and systems that develop you as a professional, certified leadership coach for the best results. Learn more

NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification

NLP Master Practitioner 4-In-1 Certification Builds on the key learnings and application of NLP principles from the NLP practitioner, which is the pre-requisite for this NLP master practitioner certification. Focus on advanced processes for self mastery, leadership, business acumen, and world-class coaching skills. Learn more

facilitator training program

Facilitator Training Program Evolution of your typical train-the-trainer program. Discover all the fundamentals of a train-the-trainer type program (presentation skills, presentation structure, body language, tonality, influencing skills, etc), and you discover the advanced skills of world-class facilitation. Learn more

change your mind create new results

Change Your Mind Create New Results Designed to engage and involve participants through various teaching modalities including individual and group activities, videos, skills practice, and direct application for key learning takeaways. Help you understand how the brain works and develop new neural pathways. Learn more

empowering women workshop

Empowering Women Workshop Women are the true leaders in all walks of life, it is time to empower yourself as a woman in leadership and embrace the opportunities that await you. Join Coach Cristy in this very personal workshop which has been specially designed by business women, for business women. Learn more

Learning & Development

Your Experiences

There are many Coaching & Training providers available throughout the region, so this is what you can expect.

Indepth knowledge & Implementation

We have an in-depth knowledge of human behavior, and the tools necessary to affect positive change.

Excellent Results

We focus on results, not excuses and We work with you as a partner, a cocreator of results.

Co-creation & Creating Synergy

We believe in creating synergy within organizations, which leads to better team engagement and long-term sustainable growth.

Become a Leadership Coach With Our Certified ICF Leadership Coaching Programs.

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World-Class Courses to Meet Your Needs

ICF & NLP Certified Coach Training Program

Coachology helps individuals and businesses to accomplish their full potential by implementing specialised strategies and tried and tested methodologies.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an effective tool, strategy, and procedure for personal development, psychotherapy, and encouraging positive behavioural change. It offers a strong foundation for improving personal life and corporate performance.

Our ICF Leadership Coaching Certification program provides prospective coaches with the necessary abilities to advise leaders, executives, and individuals seeking change effectively. This thorough program focuses on basic coaching competencies, leadership dynamics, and advanced approaches for driving meaningful change while providing practical application through real-world scenarios.

We also offer specialised training in incorporating Psychological Safety at the workplace within multicultural teams to organisations across different regions of Southeast Asia. We focus on understanding other cultures, talking openly, leading everyone somewhat, and doing team activities. This helps everyone feel valued and able to do their best work. It also promotes invention, collaboration, and productivity, resulting in remarkable outcomes.

Choose us as your trusted partner committed to your success, providing you with the tools and knowledge to thrive in any endeavour. Call us today to embark on your path to success and discover how our tailored executive and leadership coach certification programs can make a significant difference in your personal and professional life. With Coachology, experience the power of coaching and training designed to elevate your capabilities and achieve lasting positive change.

Over a Decade of Experience Transforming Lives

Meet Our Master Trainers & Coaches

Our purpose at Coachology is Globally Empowering Leaders to Positively Inspire, Influence & Impact Our vision is Globally Certifying and Mentoring Professional Coaches, Implementing Coaching Cultures & Creating Organizational Well-being.

Luke Salway

CEO, Master Facilitator, NLP Trainer, MCC Certified ICF Coach, Business Coach

Cristy Aphimonthol

MCC, Master Coach, International Facilitator And Ph.D Candidate

Create a Psychological Safety Workshop that Inspires Creativity, Innovation & Synergy.

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What People Say

“One of the best COACHING Training providers in Thailand. I had a wonderful & memorable sessions with the Master Facilitators Luke & Cristy for NLP & ICF Coaching Certification for 5+4 days.”
Jon Teoh WZ
“Hi Everyone who is looking for an NLP course. I am Lynn and I have just finished the NLP course in Singapore (October 2019) with Luke and Cristy today. The training was awesome!!!”
Lin Tan
"I am full of gratitude to Coach Luke and Coach Cristy, alongside with the team of Assistant Coaches. The 5 days training were tough, scary because got exam and requires 70% to pass."
Joseph Tan
"I completed the NLP and ICF coaching 5-day training. I was impressed by both Luke and Christy’s depth of knowledge, experience and, skills sharing their knowledge."
Michel Thibeault
“This is the best way to Break Through our self. Luke and Christy gave me an awesome experience. It's not only NLP's knowledge, it's real experience that you can using in real life.”
Mod Khomthong

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