“Don’t Expect to See a Change if You Don’t Make One” – Unknown

There are dozens of ‘make 2019 awesome’ memes, messages & tips available right now, so I’m going to make this quick & easy.

2018 for myself was amazing. Just some of the things I’m happiest about are;

  • Marrying the love of my Life
  • Learned to Meditate
  • Starting my new Business
  • Attending over a dozen different workshops, learning from the Masters
  • Coached & Trained in 11 different countries
  • Enjoyed an amazing 6 week Honeymoon exploring around South America

After reflecting on the year that was, I realised there are just three simple tips that helped me achieve the Success I’d only ever dreamed of…

Tip#1 – Choose Faith Over Fear – Faith means different things to different people., For some, it’s a faith in God, or Buddha, or Mohammad. For me, Faith means trusting in the unknown. Trusting that from every situation we counter, we will be given exactly what we expect, or better!! But that only happens from Faith. If we have Faith that everything will work out Awesome, that’s exactly what happens (or better). When we have thoughts from Fear, we become paralyzed. We procrastinate. We create all the ‘What-if’ scenarios, and as a result, we achieve nothing.

A super-powerful question to ask yourself, when you feel Fear beginning to take over is:

“What would I say or do, knowing that from 100% Faith, all will work our perfectly”


Tip#2 – Do What Makes You Happy – Negative emotions can become addictive. And the scary thing is, we don’t even realise it. So whatever you do in 2019, do what makes you happy. Strip away any negativity in your Life. If you’re ‘stuck’ in a job you don’t like, change it. If you’re trapped in a toxic relationship, get out of it. If you allow negative content to enter your news-feed, stop it!! Life is too short. Simply have the Faith (refer tip#1) that you can change your circumstances, and CHOOSE to be Happy.  

Tip#3 – Consistent Action – If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. I’ve said that phrase for years now, to all of my students and clients. What’s interesting though was in 2018, I really GOT IT. It’s not just a small change here, or one small action there. It’s continually stepping outside the comfort zone, with Faith, to take NEW actions and NEW behaviors. That is what will create your new YOU. And it’s the consistency of those significant new behaviors and actions that will RE-WIRE your neurology, install new empowering habits, that will PULL you towards creating the BEST version of yourself.

So the recipe? Have Faith, Keep those Emotions Positive, & Take Massive Action, which often times, is outside your comfort zone.

Looking forward to hearing about your 2019 Successes, as you create them..