5 Easy Tips for Powerful Thinking

“If Everyone is Thinking alike, then Somebody isn’t Thinking” – George S. Patton

Our thoughts are not unique. They’ve been around for thousands of years. We simply tune into those universal thoughts, by determining what we focus on most. Our mind works similar to that of a radio…we turn the dial to tune into certain frequencies, and listen to certain programs.

Our mind is the same. We can tune into certain ‘frequencies’, to have access to certain thoughts. If we focus on all the negatives in our Life or situation, then we ‘tune in’ to negative thoughts.

And conversely, when we focus on all the positives in our Life, express gratitude & show appreciation, we ‘turn-the-dial’ and begin to tune in & experience more positive thoughts.

What feels better, having positive or negative thoughts?

Of course in feels to better to tune into positive thoughts, and what many people don’t realise is that “Thoughts Create Feelings”. Not the other way around. So this means if you can control your thoughts, you can control your feelings. And it feels good to feel good, doesn’t it ??

So to help you take control of your thoughts & feelings, here are 5 quick & easy tips for you, your friends and colleagues, to tune into more Positive & Powerful Thinking;

Tip#1 – Remove Yourself from Negative Influences – There are many different ways to ‘detoxify’ the negativity from your Life. The easiest is to simply stop reading & watching the news. TV, newspapers & any other source of negativity has a profound negative impact on our daily lives, yet it almost goes unnoticed. The good news is it can be easily stopped. You’ll also want to remove yourself from any negative friends or acquaintances. Negative people love to share their self-induced misery, and bring you down.

Tip#2 – Focus on the Good – Begin by writing 10 things you are grateful, every day, as soon as you wake up. We call this a Gratitude Journal. As you write down as many things as you can think of, big & small, you begin to change your focus, and the frequency of your thought patterns. At the end of the day, you can also write down 10 things that you appreciated in other people, throughout the day. A smile, a thank you, holding a door open…anything.

Tip#3 – Change your routine – We are creatures of habit. If we continue to do the same things day in & day out, we’ll continue to have the same thought patterns as well. Try driving a new way to work. Go somewhere different for lunch & dinner. Try new activities. Hang out with positive people. Have ice cream for breakfast. Sometimes the smallest shift in our daily routines can have massive impact on the quality of our thoughts

Tip#4 – Exercise – As we stimulate the nervous system through ANY type of exercise, we release feel-good chemicals, which changes the frequency of the brain, and the thoughts we have. Running, walking, swimming, going to the gym, taking the stairs, yoga, making love…any of these activities will create more positive thoughts

Tip#5 – Continued Learning – As we learn new things, we expand & create new neural networks & pathways throughout our brain & body. As we do so, we begin to think new thoughts, and tap into previously undiscovered frequencies. Learning takes many forms, such as learning a new language, learning a skill like cooking or golf, attending a workshop, reading non-fiction books, speaking to interesting people, trying new things, and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

And the final thought I’d like to leave you with today is the reminder that YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. You are so much more than that. You’ve simply created a habitual thought pattern. So if you’re ever feeling a little negative, sad or over-whelmed, simply refer to the tips above, and tune into something positive…