“If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door” – Milton Berle

You have two choices when it comes to advancing your Career. You can wait & HOPE that it happens, or you can CREATE the opportunity.

If you choose the first option, waiting & hoping, the only way to get promoted is if someone at a higher level leaves the company. That won’t guarantee you get promoted though, as there are other more pro-active employees in the organisation, who will likely get promoted ahead of you.

Of course, the best way is to create the opportunity for you to get promoted, and here are a few quick tips to help create your ideal Career..

Tip#1 –  Be clear on your Outcome – What kind of promotion do you want? What specific position do you want? When do you want it by? What kind of salary do you expect? It’s always best to write a SMART Goal for the exact position you would like. It’s also good to think about your PURPOSE. Why do you want this new position? And finally, be sure to focus on your Smart Goal every day.

Tip#2 – Add Value – Most people think that promotions are determined by how long you’ve worked for the company. The reality is that the ‘big boss’ is looking to promote people who add value to the organisation, and to be pro-active in this area. In other words, what can you do to improve the organisations success? Lead more effectively, increase efficiencies, better customer support, project completion etc. Begin to take take action now, to improve the business. The bosses will notice.

Tip#3 – Find a Mentor – one of the quickest ways to develop your career is to find a Mentor. Find someone willing to share their experiences, skills & strategies for specific area’s that will help you grow into your new role. There is no need to start from zero and re-invent the wheel. A mentor, or Coach, will dramatically accelerate your professional & personal growth.

Tip#4 – Master Delegation – If you’re already a leader, and there is a BIG gap of skills & capabilities between you & your subordinates, it will be more difficult for you to get promoted. Who will DO your old job if you’re not there? So be sure to master the art of effective delegation. If someone in your team CAN do your current job, you are more free to grow to the next level.

Tip#5 – Continued Learning – If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. The surest way to grow to the next level, is to invest in yourself. Any new learning, tools & strategies you learn, stay with you for LIFE!! There are 100’s of ways to continue your learning journey. Read books, TED talks, YouTube, Seminars, Workshops, Mentoring, Masterminds, AudioBooks, on-line courses, etc. And with whatever you learn, be sure to PRACTICE it. Knowledge alone won’t help you grow. Knowledge and application of that knowledge will accelerate your growth.

Continued growth is the surest way to find happiness & fulfillment in your career. There are many other ways to accelerate your growth, and i hope these few tips assist you on your journey..