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Our Mission at Coachology is to Inspire & Empower Leaders, to engage and transform their World

Our vision is to maximize human potential; starting from within, becoming the best version of ourselves, expanding through organizational transformation, countries without borders, to create a productive, collaborative planet. Leveraging our diversity to create growth & empowerment, harmony & joy.

​With a combined Coaching & Training Experience of 12+ years, the founders Luke & Cristy are passionate about seeing others Succeed. That’s why they do what they do. And with the tools & techniques used within Coachology, this process & journey of Success is greatly accelerated. Let’s meet the Founds…

Our Purpose at Coachology is

Globally Empowering Leaders to Positively Impact, Influence & Inspire

Coachology is a team of professional Coaches, Trainers and Facilitators who are Passionate to deliver world-class proven strategies and methodologies from Coaching, Psychology, Quantum Physics and Neuroscience, to Empower and Inspire Leaders and Organizations to achieve their Results.

We are global experts in Leadership Development, Creating Coaching Cultures & Certifying Professional Coaches

Meet Our Founders

Cristy Aphimonthol

MCC, Master Coach, International Facilitator and Ph.D Candidate

Cristy is a Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Phd. Candidate, and Master Coach who provides Strategic business solutions, utilizing multiple consulting and coaching methodologies, within various industries.

With Master Degrees in Economics, and Business, along with NLP Master Coaching credentials, Hypnotherapy, MCC, & metaphysical practices, these qualifications & experience ensure that Cristy can help both individuals and companies achieve their results and outcomes.


As an MCC certified ICF Coach, Therapist & Healer, Cristy has 10,000+ hours Coaching & Facilitation experience, specializing in helping her clients resolve inner conflict, depression, OCD, anxiety, trauma and many kinds of addictions. In addition, she has taught and trained over 1,000 Leaders & Coaches over the last 5 years.

As a Corporate Facilitator & Consultant, Cristy is passionate about helping companies create their Strategic realignment, Business strategies, Employee Leadership, Corporate Coaching and creating coaching culture, Communication & conflict resolution workshops.

Throughout her career, Cristy has supported various industries including Service, Education, Recreation, Hospitality, Health, Tech and other businesses. Her extensive travel & assignments throughout Asia, Australia, Turkey, Qatar and Thailand over the last 10 years, make her a perfect choice for your development needs.

Cristy has knowledge and experience necessary to facilitate, promote and support individuals and organizations to reach their next level of Success.

Luke Salway

CEO, Master Facilitator, NLP Trainer, PCC Certified ICF Coach, Business Coach

Luke is the CEO & Founder of Coachology, a training & coaching company providing International Corporate Training & Personal Development Certifications within South-East Asia. Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, NLP Trainer, Master Coach and Leadership Development Facilitator and ACC Certified Coach with the ICF, Luke is passionate about helping companies and individuals unleash their full
potential, to achieve Success & Happiness.

Having studied and taught various forms of Personal Development for over 20 years, in Australia, USA & throughout Asia, and having Asia as his base for living & working the last 15 years, Luke has the necessary experience and tools to help companies working in Asia reach new levels of success.

A career in Manufacturing for 10 years enabled Luke to develop keen problem solving skills and processes for improving efficiencies at many levels. He followed this with hotel management for a further 10 years, giving Luke an intense personal interest in the art of
communication, maximising individuals potentials, and bringing teams together to form effective Leadership competencies. As a General Manager of a 5 star boutique resort, Luke’s inter-personal skills, communication mastery, and proven Leadership, give a solid foundation to help individuals and companies overcome challenges, and support them in achieving their goals.

Luke’s passion is helping companies achieve Strategic Alignment, Leadership Development & Sales Results. A warm personality, deep understanding of human nature and the technical resources of NLP & ICF Coaching, Luke is the perfect choice for supporting your teams growth and development.

Meet Our Team

Nadrudee Prakobkaew

Assistant to CEO

Our Associate Coaches

Aekorn Boontanacin

ACC, ICF & NLP Master Coach & Trainer

Fully certified Executive Performance Coach and Corporate Trainer with the International Coaching Federation and an experienced Master Life Coach and Master Practitioner with the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programing.

Nattee Tangratchataaree

ICF Certified Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Sales Trainer

Experienced Senior Sales Support Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Customer Insight, Sales, Communication, and Marketing Strategy. Strong sales professional with a Master’s Degree focused in HR & OD from National Institute of Development Administration.

Sylvia Tan Choon Teng

ACC, Certified Coach, NLP Master Coach

Ability to coach in English and Chinese, her Corporate PR Success, and her extensive qualifications (ICF Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Master Coaching, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, Timeline Therapy Master Practitioner), ensures that Sylvia can help both individuals and companies achieve their personal life success and corporate results.

Our Long-term Partners

We appreciate partners that commit to the long-term development of their Leaders & Teams.. 

Awards & Credentials

Luke Salway is the CEO & Master Facilitator at Coachology. He is a certified NLP Trainer, PCC-certified ICF Coach, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach, and Consultant for Dr.Joe Dispenza’s NeuroChangeSolutions.  

He Facilitates, Coaches, and Mentors Leaders on the practical application of Leadership Coaching principles. Based in Thailand, he has Coached & Trained over 2,000+ Leaders in 500+ companies from 25 countries around the World.

In 2021, he won the first place Gold Medal for Best Business Coach.

With tough competition from 100’s of other coaches, Luke’s consistent results helped him earn this significant award. Thank you to all those who support Coach Luke, Coach Cristy and Coachology.

“Luke has been recognized as one of the Top Business Coaches by Coach Foundation.”

His Passion Is Working With Companies, To Help Them Implement A Coaching Culture. Employing Various Training, Coaching, And Mentoring Modalities, To Deliver Engaging, Customized Solutions For The Leaders & Organizations That He Partner With. As Leaders Are Equipped With These Innovative Coaching Tools, Techniques, And Strategies, They Empower Their Teams To Be More Proactive, Solve More Problems, And Improve Overall Efficiency And Effectiveness.

Thank You CoachFoundation For This Valuable Recognition.

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