Are You Busy or Productive?

“Time is more valuable than Money. You can get more Money, but you cannot get more Time” – Jim Rohn

Time is limited, so no loooooong drawn out intro today. Short, punchy, and straight to the point !! Just one TOP TIP that has personally saved me days, weeks & months of my Life:


Top Tip#1 – Are You Busy or Productive?

What is your BELIEF around time? What do you say to yourself? What do you say to others? Whatever we repeatedly say, becomes a habit. And a habit practiced often enough, becomes a Belief. Our Beliefs are what we Believe to be TRUE about Life.

Sadly, most of our Beliefs are Limiting. In other words, Limiting Beliefs hold us back. So if you find yourself saying out loud “I’m too busy” or “I have no time”, with enough repetition, you will believe that to be true.

The consequence is that you perceive the world with blinders on. Oblivious to all the opportunities to ‘get things done‘. All you see, hear and feel, is how BUSY you are. And that feels heavy.

When you change your language to “I’m Productive”you enter a whole new world of possibility.

When you say I’m Productive, you begin to LOOK for ways that you can be more PRODUCTIVE. You explore new ways, to get more things done, more quickly. Your delegation dramatically improves, your creativity sky rockets, and you effectiveness increases to whole new levels. Why? Because now you are Productive!! And with enough repetition, Productive becomes your new Empowering Belief 😉

Busy people are too busy being busy..

So please, delete the words “I’m busy” and “I have no time” from your vocabulary, and simply replace them with “I’m Productive“, and watch a whole new productive world unfold.

And be sure to say it with a smile on your face… 🙂