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Increase your professional and personal performance with the groundbreaking program based of the research and methodologies of Dr. Joe Dispenza


The Change Your Mind…Create New Results program is designed to engage and involve participants through various teaching modalities including individual and group activities, videos, skills practice, and direct application for key learning takeaways.

Program participants will:

  • Identify a change they want to make in their lives
  • Learn new models for change based on neuroscience
  • Discover what it means to “live in survival or creation”
  • Become acquainted with the “three brains” and their role in the change process
  • Incorporate each lesson to activate the neurological and biological process for change
  • Apply each of these principles to effect personal change
  • Practice 4 tools for change

The program will help you understand how the brain works and develop new neural pathways that will enable you to reconfigure your mind to become more resilient, creative, and collaborative.

The tools and techniques can translate into:

  • Faster decision-making ability
  • Improved focus and higher productivity
  • Reduced levels of stress and more resilience
  • Increased problem-solving and creative skills
  • Higher motivation and engagement
  • Enhanced team collaboration, cohesiveness, and agility
  • More effective communication and less conflict
  • Higher goal clarity


Actionable models and tools for change, practical exercises to apply the theory, and audiovisual support material (workbook, journal, and audio files)


Delivered as 4 x 2hr Virtual Workshops, so your Leaders & Executives can join from ANYWHERE in the World. Can also be delivered as a face-to-face Workshop over the course of 2 days. Optional 4 x Week Group Coaching, with a 90min virtual Workshop once per week, to support the full implementation, share successes and address any challenges


In addition to the Group Coaching option, a WhatsApp Group is set up, to answer any questions, at any time, and as a way for participants to learn from each others success stories. Participants also receive audio files of the guided mildfulness practices, to support daily implenetation and habit building.

Change your mind create new result NEXT SESSION:

26-27 august 2023

Available as a public program for Leaders & Professionals

special investment

Full Investment – 29,900 THB

Early Bird Investment (before 10th August) – 19,900 THB

Super Early Bird Investment (before 1st July) – 15,000 THB

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The “Change Your Mind, Create New Results” program is suitable for individuals and organizations by using a dynamic combination of science, videos, and practical exercises that teach you how to use the brain in a focused and more conscious way.

OUR certified ncs consultant

Luke Salway

Luke Salway is a certified Trainer and NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant. He is passionate about helping businesses through a top-down & bottom-up approach, which inspires individual responsibility and encourages creativity, cooperation, and commitment. This approach allows individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their full potential.


Dr. Joe Dispenza is a Doctor of Chiropractic, an international speaker in over 33 countries and the author of 4 bestselling books. He has spent more than 25 years researching the brain and has developed transformative models based on neuroscience, biology and epigenetics to create conscious, desirable and sustainable changes. 

Dr. Joe has given numerous on-site workshops to companies and leaders interested in neuroscience to improve collaboration, engagement, creativity and innovation among others. This interest encouraged him to create the “change your mind…create new results” program.

Through a rigorous application, selection, and certification process, Dr. Dispenza has personally certified consultants to deliver this work

Programs delivered by Luke Salway(PCC) & Cristy Aphimonthol(MCC) NeuroChangeSolutions certified Consultants. Available in English & Thai Language

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Increase your professional and personal performance with the groundbreaking program based of the research & methodologies of Dr. Joe Dispenza

Facilitated by MCC and PCC acredited coaches with 15,000+ and training experience

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