Considering a Career Change

“Fear the Change, or BE the Change” – Unknown

There is no doubt, that we truly live in a VUCA World, at this moment in time.  

Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous

While many industry sectors are bracing for the worst, others are thriving. Whatever your industry or your place within it, one thought that has popped into the minds of many is What Next ?

Is my industry ‘safe’
Will I still have a job one month from now
What happens if the situation worsens
How can I transcend this fear & panic
Where will we find customers
How can I be better prepared

I don’t have the answers to all these questions above, but one thing I know for sure. There has never been a better time to invest in your future.

The only way to escape this current situation, is to re-invent yourself. You may have come to realise that your industry and/or your position is in danger. So don’t wait to be made redundant, start planning your next step right now, and consider the following;

  • What self study can I start doing right now
  • What is my 1-3 year career plan
  • What would a transition look like
  • What Business can I start
  • What side-income can I create
  • How can I best prepare for that
  • What professional courses could I attend
  • What can I learn now, that will help me be more resilient
  • How can I develop a more positive, pro-active mindset
  • How can I help those I care about

I’m not saying that anything is wrong with you, what I’m saying is now is a perfect time to elevate ourselves above this temporary situation, by pro-actively creating your new future.

Our Certified Coaching Programs are one of the BEST investments you can make in yourself.  Prepare for your future by creating it !!

Why study with Coachology, and why do it now;

  • Early bird investments extended, to make it easier for you to join
  • Monthly payment plans available from just 5,000 THB / month
  • If your business is quiet, it’s probably easier to take time off now to attend
  • Prepare yourself now, to better prepare for tomorrow
  • Join our community of like-minded positive professionals who are creating their future
  • Once you’ve joined a training, you can join that same training again for FREE, to sharpen the saw and deepen your knowledge and application
  • Develop Leadership & Coaching skills to grow your career, start your business and earn extra income
  • Creatively explore ways you can earn another revenue stream
  • Discover tools & techniques to help you plan the transition into your new path