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Coachology Corporate Solutions

Facilitated by MCC & PCC Certified Coaches with 15,000 hours Coaching & Training Experience

Meet Coachology

Coachology is a team of professional Coaches, Trainersand Facilitators who are Passionate to deliver world-classproven strategies and methodologies from Coaching,Psychology, Quantum Physics and Neuro-Science, to Empower and Inspire Leaders and Organizations toachieve their Results.

We are global experts in Leadership Development,Creating Coaching Cultures & Certifying ProfessionalCoaches.

Organisational Analysis

We seek to fully understand ‘where you are now’, by speaking with the key stakeholders and developing an understanding of current culture, existing challenges, learning & development model, Mission, Vision, Core Values & Purpose.

We’ll also get clear on ‘where you want to be’ by getting crystal clear on your outcomes, goals and desired results, with this engagement

  • Key Stakeholder interviews
  • Review of current Culture + L&D models
  • 360 degree evaluation for key Leaders
  • Agree Critical Success Factors and Measurements

Strategic Alignment

For a successful implementation of a Coaching Culture, the senior Leadership team must be fully aligned with the outcomes and process. Interviews and Sessions will be conducted with this Executive Team, to ensure the full ‘buy-in’ and understanding of the benefits of a fully integrated and implemented coaching culture. We also recommend a full 360 degree evaluation of key Leaders participating in this project.

  • Mission, Vision, Purpose, Core Values & Project Outcome
  • Alignment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • Succession Planning

Leadership Development

Our experience has shown us that the BEST Leadership Coaches have previously developed their Communication, Emotional Intelligence(EQ) and general Leadership capabilities, such as delivering Effective Feedback, Strategic Thinking, Growth Mindset, etc .

A series of Workshops and Coaching programs are initiated to ensure that these fundamental Leadership skills form a solid foundation for ALL Leaders

  • Instill a Growth Mindset
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Communication & EQ Development
  • Developing Trust, Collaboration & Synergy

Coaching/Mentoring Skills & Framework

Once the Leader has a solid foundation for the above Leadership Essentials, they are ready to advance their knowledge by learning & implementing Coaching & Mentoring principles. With a thorough combination of theory, practice, group coaching, on-the-job application, mentoring and assessment, the full benefits of the Coaching Culture are easily observed and experienced by ALL members of the Organisation

  • Coaching & Mentoring Fundamentals
  • POW Coaching Model
  • EASY Mentoring Model
  • Group Coaching Model