“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” – Mahatma Gandhi

Employee engagement is a bit of a ‘buzz word’ at the moment, along with other words like disruption, innovation & bla bla bla. Let’s demystify the jargon a little…

According to Wikipedia (so it must be true), the definition of Employee Engagement is;

“Employee engagement is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. An “engaged employee” is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and so takes positive action to further the organization’s reputation and interests.”

My interpretation of Employee Engagement is;

“Happy, Productive Team Members”

  • Happy means they enjoy coming to work and adding value to stakeholders & customers
  • Productive means they get the right stuff done
  • Team means a group of professionals working towards a common outcome
  • Members means a unique group of individuals, with special skill sets, who contribute to the team as a whole

So HOW do we achieve the holy grail of high Employee Engagement? There is only ONE sure fire way that I know of…

Start Within…Be the Change You want to see in the world!!

Huh ??!!

  • You want more engagement…BE more Engaged
  • You want more Discipline…BE more Disciplined
  • You want more Productivity…BE more Productive
  • You want better Customer Satisfaction…Satisfy more Customers
  • You want more Positivity…BE more Positive
  • You want more qualified employees…Hire the Right People
  • You’re tired of a toxic workplace…BE a ray of sunshine
  • You’re sick of people complaining…STOP Complaining

If you’re reading this, chances are you are a Leader within the Organisation, aspiring to be one, or you’re a Business Owner.

The ultimate responsibility of the current state of the Business is YOU. And what is within your direct personal control 100% of the time?? Yes, YOURSELF.

  • If you’re the Business owner…start where you are
  • If you’re the Department Head…start where you are
  • If you’re an Employee…start where you are
  • If you’re in-between jobs….start where you are
  • If you’re a home-maker…start where you are

The one thing you truly have control over is yourself, your actions & your behaviours. As you improve yourself, you improve your environment. You become happier, more productive, and even a joy to be around. If that’s the kind of Person or Leader you aspire to be, then BE that :)