Dealing with VUCA

Dealing with VUCA

For some, VUCA is a ticking🕓 time bomb💣. The buzz around town that is we should focus on how to ‘survive’ in a VUCA World ?!.

For others, VUCA is an opportunity to Grow & THRIVE🤜

First, let’s first get clear…VUCA was coined around 1987 by two American scholars and academics which they used to describe ‘general conditions & situations’. For most contemporary organizations – business, the military, education, government and others – VUCA is a practical code for awareness and readiness. It’s an acronym that means; 


In ‘English’, I think it can be simplified even further to mean CHANGE.

Change is inevitable. Change can be Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous, but it doesn’t have to be. With awareness of the VUCA principles, we can plan and act accordingly.

What if I told you that dealing with a VUCA World is EASY ?!

Simply follow the E.A.S.Y formula outlined below:

✅Embrace Change
✅YOU !!

With an open mind & willingness, it’s much better to EMBRACE change, rather than fight it.

A Positive ATTITUDE can help you focus on solutions & actions, not problems & conflict.

As you SIMPLIFY your Processes, Systems & Decision Making, you become more Agile, to better deal with whatever vuca brings to the table

And finally, it’s all about YOU. You are in charge of your attitude, your ability to embrace change, your ability to rally resources, your ability to be pro-active and anticipate changes. You are always in charge of your responses.

VUCA is your friend 💏 . Please use this awareness to not just survive, but THRIVE!!