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Empowered women in leadership

a workshop specially designed by business women,  for business women


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26-27 October 2024

We are inspires

To the aspiring woman ready to rise up and take her Leadership to the next level....

Are you eager to chart a path toward greater success in your career or business?

Are you an inspiring woman seeking to amplify your leadership journey?

Perhaps you’re ready to release the past and forge remarkable relationships that support your growth?

Or maybe you’re intrigued by the idea of uncovering powerful tools to enhance your Influence, Inner Confidence and Powerful Femininity?

Empower yourself

It's time to empower yourself as a Woman in Leadership and embrace the opportunities that await you.

Join Coach Cristy in this very personal workshop which has been specially designed by Business Women, for Business Women. It is the culmination of Coach Cristy’s decades of work which has supported hundreds of women to their Leadership to the next level.

Woman in Leadership

It’s time to empower yourself as a Woman in Leadership and embrace the opportunities that await you


"leadership journey"

“This workshop provides clarity and momentum, elevating your performance across key markers and propelling you to new heights of empowerment.”


"Beyond a 2-Day Workshop"

It is a personal process of change for nurturing your new relationship between your old & new self.



Embrace self-love, worth, and acceptance. Uncover your passion to soar to your fullest potential.



Coach Cristy, who has more than 15,000 hours Coaching & Facilitation Experience, supporting Women just like you, to become the BEST version of themselves. 

As a successful Entrepreneur, Executive Coach and Business Owner, Coach Cristy MCC has supported hundreds of Women & Business to thrive and in this workshop, she has distilled those key distinctions that will help you grow to the next level.

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Pink Lotus Foundation

All profits from this event will be donated to Pink Lotus Foundation, a legally registered non-profit Foundation, whose Purpose is Empowering Women & Children through Personal Development. We do this is by creating partnerships with existing Charities, Foundations & non-profits, whose efforts support Women & Children. Then, we arrange Professional, Certified Coaches &  Therapists to provide coaching, therapy & counselling to the caseworkers, managers, foundation officers & volunteers, to help them manage stress, deal with challenges, and provide advanced tools to help them, help the women and children they serve.

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