🚷How to Reduce Turnover🚷


To state the obvious, the way to 🔽Reduce Turnover is to increase⏫Employee Loyalty.💖


But How ???


📶Statistics show that the top 2 reasons why employees leave⏩ an organisation is;

❎Lack of Appreciation and Recognition
❎Lack of Opportunity for Growth

So if you’re a Leader👑, the easiest way to increase loyalty is to simply show more appreciation and opportunity for Growth.

YES, but How ???

The answer is..


It’s the best ‘vehicle’🚔 to achieve both, and here is why..

🔥As a Leader, when you invest your time to Coach your teams, it shows you care (appreciation)❤
🔥By coaching your team, it shows them they’re important (appreciation)❤
🔥When you Coach your team, it sends a powerful message that you believe in them (growth)📶
🔥When you Coach your team, you are supporting them to achieve goals or overcome challenges (growth)📶

So when would 💎NOW💎 be a great time to start Coaching your teams ?! 😍