Neuro-Linguistic Programming​


6 Days Internationally Approved 4-in-1 Certifications by ABNLP & ICF


Neuro-Linguistic Programming, better known as NLP, is a set of tools & techniques, systems & process that can be used to create positive change in Yourself and in your Business.

NLP Leadership Master Practitioner Certification program builds on the key learnings and application of NLP principles from the NLP Practitioner, which is the pre-requisite for this Masters course (click here for NLP Practitioner level). These advanced tools operate at both the Conscious and Unconscious level of the mind, ensuring full re-programming to achieve ALL of your desired results. In this workshop, we focus on advanced processes for Self Mastery, Leadership & Business acumen, and World-Class Coaching skills. Ideal for Your Personal Development and Professional Coaching.

Our NLP course is certified by the World’s largest NLP Authority, the ABNLP. You receive 4 x Internationally Accredited Certifications.

Improved Leadership & Influence

NLP Helps Us Develop All Areas Of Our Leadership, Including Better Communication, Conflict Prevention & Resolution, Influence, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Increase EQ, Goal Setting And Much More. You’ll Be Able To Develop All Those Soft-Skills Which Are Critical For Great Leadership

Coaching Structure & Process

As you discover all the tools & techniques of NLP, you’ll also learn & apply simple & effective Coaching methodologies, systems & processes, making your Coaching & Leadership efficient, productive & replicable with your colleagues & clients. Great Coaching skills make you a great Leader

Professionally Accredited

This NLP Leadership Certification Training is internationally recognised by the ABNLP, the World’s largest NLP authority. Each module is carefully facilitated to ensure you learn the theory, demonstration, case study, practice & role play, and finishing with debrief plus Q&A. This ensures the deepest learning & application of all the NLP tools & techniques

Advanced Leadership Tools

A ‘toolbox’ full of Leadership & Coaching tools, techniques, templates, systems, & processes that allow you to create change in your teams & clients. As we Coach & Lead others successfully, we are also developing our own skills & abilities to a deeper level

Grow Your Career Or Business

Whether you’re a Business Owner, Leader or Executive, these NLP tools are guaranteed to improve your chances of promotion, or will directly & positively affect your Business Growth, through greater Sales, Influence & world-class Leadership


18-23 September 2024

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6 Days Internationally Approved 4-in-1 Certifications by ABNLP & ICF


Satisfied clients who discovered their goals with us

It's been truly transformational. Thanks Luke & Cristy and the Coachology team. Thanks also to our wonderful Simon for enabling our online participation to be so engaging and valuable .. was truly an impacftful experience .. thanks also to the whole team of participants online and in Bangkok . You are all awesome!!

Karen McClymont

Thank you all for a wonderful 6 days full of fun, laughter, tears, deep thinking and break throughs - what a journey - what a team - thank you all!

Stephen Fowler

An incredible 6 days. I feel like a different person I really do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Luke, Cristy and all of the Coachology team. Thank you everyone. I've grown so much from being with you all. A "looking for gold" because the time for settling for silver has ended. In all of my values.

Benjamin Wood

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