One Simple Tool to Accelerate Your Growth Today

“To Change Bad Habits, We Must Study the Habits of Successful Role Models” – Jack Canfield

We all want to accelerate our growth, right?! Whether it’s improved health, career advancement, manage (or remove) stress, increased income, or expanding your Business. Whatever area of your Life, it’s great to have goals so that we can improve.

But how do we achieve those goals?

There are 3 ways that we can achieve our goals, in any area of our Life..

#1 Trial & Error – We try this, and we try that, hoping to achieve the next level of success. The challenge with his option is that it’s often costly, because of the mistakes we make, and takes a looooong time, because of the mistakes we make. Not a great option

#2 Self-Discovery – We live in a time of abundant information & resources. Almost anything can be found on google, youtube & the internet in general. So whichever area you wish to improve, or whatever goal you want to achieve, chances are you can find some very good information. Have you noticed though that sometimes, that information is conflicting or contradictory?? The latest ‘fad’ diet is a real example of this potential confusion

#3 Find a Role Model – Rather than re-inventing the wheel, if you wish to improve a specific area of your Life, or achieve a big goal, find someone who has already achieved success in that area. We call this Modeling, and it is the QUICKEST way to achieve the results you’re after.

Here’s how it works…

Think of Modeling as a recipe for success. When you find a role model, who has achieved the Goal or Success that you wish to emulate, simply ask them some questions, to elicit their strategy/recipe for success.

Actually, we’ve been modeling all our lives. When we learned to walk and talk, we simply did what our parents did. Imagine if you could consciously apply modeling skills in other areas of Life?!

Great questions to ask a role model include;

What was your motivation to achieve the results
What is your Belief about success
What are your Values
What did you do first
What did you do next (repeat until you get the step-by-step strategy)
Observe their physiology (body language)
What is critical (essential) to achieve the end result

How to find a role model?

Books written by successful people are a great way to start, as they often map out their strategies for success in an easy to digest manner. Other areas you may find a role model include your boss (current or previous), an industry expert, a mentor, someone you admire/respect, attend a training, speak with someone who has achieved the goal you wish to achieve.

As you then follow the ‘recipe’, you will achieve your goals much more quickly, with less stress & mistakes. It’s also a great way to reverse those ‘bad’ habits that have been holding you back.