Positive Transformation Part 2

“A memory, without the Emotional Charge, is called Wisdom” – Dr.Joe Dispenza

In last weeks newsletter, which you can read in full at this link, we spoke about the process for Positive Transformation. In summary, the steps were;

  1. Become aware of your habitual Thoughts & Emotions
  2. Write down what you observe, over one week
  3. At the end of the week, look for the regular patterns of thoughts & emotions
  4. Decide what NEW thoughts & emotions, you would like to think & feel instead

So from your list, there will have been some thoughts and emotions that you like & enjoy, and you probably also discovered some thoughts and emotions that you don’t like, that hold you back, or that keep you trapped in the past.

Remember…Awareness precedes Transformation

With your new awareness, what kinds of thoughts and emotions did you decide you wanted more of? Was it more thoughts of kindness, cooperation, creativity, positiveness, possibility, productivity? And those feelings, did you decide you wanted to feel more open, trusting, loving, giving, gratitude & abundance?

Whatever you decided you wanted to think and feel more of, the next step is HOW? How do we program ourselves to think more positive thoughts, so that we can feel more positive emotions? When we know the answer to that, your Transformation has truly begun.

Here are the three final steps to Positive Transformation;

1. Continued Awareness – You must be super vigilant and aware of those old patterns of thinking and feeling. When you do notice those old programs show up, you have to do your best to catch it right there, in the moment. If not, you’ll get lost in the old program. So when you do catch it, simply follow the 3S Process.

  • Stop – Just stop whatever you’re doing (safely)
  • Step Back – Take one small step back (or tilt your head of you’re sitting), and observe the thought, feeling or behaviour
  • Smile – because you caught it 🙂

2. Change – Simply think a new positive/productive thought, and feel a new/empowered emotion. Ask yourself “How would I prefer to think and feel instead”

3. Repeat – It’s repetition that creates our subconscious programs. So repeat the above processes daily, weekly & monthly, until you’ve created the mental programs for total Positive Transformation.

With just a few extra moments of self-awareness each day, your new thoughts, emotions & behaviours are your vehicle to creating the Life, Career & Relationships that you truly want. If these steps work for you, please do send me a message…I’d love to hear your story!!