“By Itself, Conscious Positive Thinking Cannot Overcome Subconscious Negative Feelings” – Dr.Joe Dispenza

Be Happy!! Come on, be HAPPY !!! Positive thinking alone, DOES.NOT.WORK.

There is a LOT to be unhappy about right now. With all the media-hype around a certain virus, huge drops in tourism throughout Asia, politics (in any country), general economy woes, etc etc.

But Happiness has, and always will be, a Choice.

The real challenge we have in choosing whether to be Happy or not, is our subconscious programming. But first, let’s discover a little neuroscience…

95% of our day, we are operating on subconscious programs, beliefs and perceptions (source:Dr.Bruce Lipton). These programs are created through repetition of thoughts, actions & emotions, mostly from early childhood, when we simply absorbed these programs from those we spent most time with.

So if we had a challenging childhood or adolescence, it makes sense that negative emotions formed part of our subconscious programming. And this is WHY positive thinking alone, does not work.

If we have a program of Fear – we are fearful of many things
If we have a program of Sadness – we see sadness everywhere
If we have a program of Anxiety – we feel anxious a lot of the time
If we have a program of “I’m not good enough” – you’ll walk through the world never feeling good enough

In order to change these programs, we must first become aware of what they are, by using a process called Meta-cognition.

Meta-Cognition – awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes – is the first step in changing our unwanted programs. In other words, awareness of habitual thoughts & emotions, will enable & empower us to change them.

Your mechanic cannot fix your car, if they don’t know where the problem is. It’s the same with our programs. Once we identify those limiting thoughts & emotions, we can begin the change process.

Awareness precedes Transformation. If you’re serious about long-lasting positive transformation, I invite you to try the following exercise this week…

  1. For the next 7 days, use your Meta-Cognition to become aware of your habitual Thoughts & Emotions
  2. Write them down. A good practice is every hour, just jot down the thoughts & feeling you observed
  3. At the end of the week, look for the regular patterns of thoughts and behaviours.
  4. Now, decide what NEW thoughts & emotions, you would like to think & feel instead