Save One Hour per Day with this Unique Hack

“You will never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you must make it” – Charles Buxton

Time is an elusive beast. It seems the older I get, the faster it goes…never to be seen again. Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, Leader or stay-at-home Mum, I’m sure we’d all like a little extra time in the day, to do the things that we want to do. For some of us, that means more quality time with the family, chasing that work-life balance or simply putting more energy into your Business, to increase Sales & Profits. Whatever your reason, imagine all the extra things you could do, with an extra hour ?!

So how do we do it? There are many ‘time hacks’ out there, that I’m sure you’ve probably heard of, such as;

  • Writing Your Daily Top 3
  • Batching your work into similar tasks
  • Scheduling project time & tasks into your calendar
  • Attacking the most challenging tasks first thing in the morning
  • Checking emails just once or twice a day
  • Waking up earlier


But just this last week, I stumbled across a new hack, that created an extra hour per day !! Are you ready ?

It was a Detox !!

Now let me be the first to say, a Detox isn’t for everyone. Also, I am not a medical doctor or nutritionist, so I’m not going to go into the health benefits or risks of doing a Detox. What I’m saying is that for my 5 day Detox, I had the following positive experiences;

  • It created an extra hour per day, to work on my business & relax with my family
  • I naturally woke up ealier, with less sleep
  • I lost 5kg
  • Greater mental clarity & focus
  • An opportunity to work on my Emotional Intelligence


What I realised was how much time & energy per day I normally ‘invest’ into meals & snacks. What will I have for lunch, where will I go, how about dinner? Then of course, the actual eating itself. At least an hour of my normal day was ‘lost’ thinking about or eating food. With the Detox, the only thought I had was “I’m hungry”. That’s where working on my Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was an additional bonus 😊

You see, I got thinking about all of this after watching the brave Thai soccer team trapped in the cave for 9+ days. How did they survive? With practically no food, they survived simply on water. So that got me thinking, and after doing some research, I discovered many types of water based (no food) detoxes, and gave it a shot. It took just 10 minutes to prepare in the morning, and I was set for the day.

Did I get hungry? Yes. Did I get frustrated? Yes. Did I think about what I was going to eat AFTER the detox? Absolutely. And even with those mild distractions, I still easily managed an extra hour per day, doing the things I wanted to do. And whenever I did feel HANGRY (a combination of Hungry & Angry), I simply reminded myself of the poor kids stuck in that cave.

So if you’d like to explore these type of detoxes, google is your friend.

Whatever you decide, just remember that we don’t find time, we must make it !!