Solve Any Challenge in Your Life or Business

“A Problem or a Challenge is Simply an Unclarified Goal ” – Luke Salway


☢ How to overcome CHALLENGES..

A problem or a challenge is simply an unclarified goal. 🔀
Once you flip the challenge to a well defined outcome, 📈you can begin to take steps to achieve it.
When the goal is achieved, the challenge ceases to exist. 💁

Here is the simple 3 step formula:

👉Honestly Identify the problem or challenge
👉Clearly identify the desired outcome, the achievement of which, the problem no longer exists
👉Create the action plan, and take the very next physical action

Let’s work on one together…

❌ Not enough Manpower

That’s the challenge. As you know, if you keep focusing on the problem, you only see the PROBLEM

So we need to FLIP the challenge into a well formed outcome, the achievement of which, the problem ceases to exist

✔ Now, we have 100 (enter the number of staff you need) highly motivated associates by 30/9/2019

This is your well defined SMART Goal. You’ll still need to make an action plan and then take actions, but at least this way, you are focused on the SOLUTION !!

Here are some other examples..

❌ Not enough Cash Flow
✔   Now, we have 1M USD nett profit by 15/11/2019

❌ Customer Complaints
✔   Now, we have 95%+ Customer Satisfaction by 31/8/2019

❌ Poor Teamwork
✔   Now, we have a High Performing Team by 31/12/2019

Also explained in the 1min20s video below

Happy problem solving !!! 🤗
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