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Our Wheel of Life application lets you keep track of your life, check the areas in which you excel and those you need to focus on.

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Share Your Results

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The Wheel Of Life Application is a powerful tool you can use to evaluate the status of your Life… right NOW. With this information, you can then decide what areas of your Life you wish to improve first, to ensure a balanced, abundant, fulfilling Life.

The concept is easy: you simply rate your Life from 1 to 10 in the eight main areas of Life.

Customers reviews

“As a beginner Coach, this is such a Powerful tool to help my new clients.”
Fabrizio Napoli
Bangkok, Thailand
“​The Wheel of Life APP is great for my Coaching clients who don’t know where to start with their Coaching”
Sylviane Voirrey
Bangkok, Thailand
“I’m using this APP with ALL my clients”
Janička Helladius
Prague, Czech Republic

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