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Creating a safe space that inspires creativity, innovation, and synergy.

A Face-to-face workshop for a Psychological Safety Training Course at the Valia Hotel, Sukhumvit 24, Bangkok, Thailand.

Upcoming Training Schedule Bangkok, Thailand

For HR/L&D Professionals | Senior Executives | Leaders working as part of a multi-national company...

This Psychological Safety Training Program is also available as a customised in-house workshop that can be delivered to different groups (organisation, leadership, etc.) in Thai or English.

  • Do you feel your team does not communicate openly and directly?
  • Are brainstorming and problem-solving sessions difficult because the team is ‘shy’, quiet, or does not contribute in any way?
  • Could your teams have more creativity, innovation, or synergy
  • Create a Psychologically Safe Environment that inspires creativity, innovation, and synergy.
  • As a leader, you have a job to do: empower each individual to speak up, share ideas, ask questions, or raise concerns without fear. You must create Psychological Safety at work that encourages individuals to speak up without fear of humiliation or punishment.

This is the ONLY Public Workshop on the IMPLEMENTING PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY Training Program here in Thailand.

This is the ONLY Public Workshop on the IMPLEMENTING PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY Training Program here in Thailand.
One of the more challenging aspects of being a leader is having our teams communicate openly and directly. Typically, brainstorming and problem-solving sessions are difficult because the team is ‘shy’, quiet, or does not contribute in any way. As a result, there is limited creativity, innovation, or synergy. We have extensive experience providing services in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, the UAE, and throughout Southeast Asia.

Team leaders play a critical role in fostering a culture of open communication by empowering individuals to voice their ideas, questions, and concerns. This environment is essential for businesses to unlock the full potential of their teams. In this Psychological Safety Workshop Training, you will discover:

  • What is Psychological Safety, and Why is it more important than ever.
  • Developing greater engagement with ALL of your team.
  • Psychological Safety as a framework for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
  • Create a trusting space for others to Share Ideas and Ask Questions.
  • Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace for Others to Share Concerns & Discuss Mistakes.
  • Solving old and new problems with teamwork and Synergy.
  • Your team is NOT shy – they don’t feel Safe.
  • Practical Steps for Effectively IMPLEMENTING Psychological Safety with your multi-cultural team.

There is a strict no-walk-ins policy. Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. The venue has limited parking but is easily accessible by both MRT Sukhumvit and BTS Asoke stations.

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This Certification Training strictly follows the guidelines set by the International Coach Federation (ICF). These modules cover the detailed step-by-step processes, to become an Internationally Accredited Coach. And for those considering to become a Professional or Executive Coach, the skills learned here will enable you to become an internationally qualified PAID Coach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Training is located at Valia Hotel, Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Conveniently located to International & Domestic Airports. Please find map location here

The “Implementing Psychological Safety” program is designed to help organisations create a safe space that inspires creativity, innovation, and synergy. It is ideal for HR/L&D professionals, senior executives, and leaders working in multinational companies.

Payment can either be made via Bank Transfer or Credit Card through our secure payment gateway; Stripe

Normal investment for the IPS Approved Leadership Coaching Certification is 500 THB. Secure Your Spot Today!

Psychological safety is crucial because it allows team members to feel safe to take risks, share ideas, and express concerns without fear of punishment or humiliation, leading to increased creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

Yes, we can create a customized proposal for company sponsorship. We also have corporate discounts available for bookings of 2 or more.
Please feel free to book in a complimentary Discovery Call with one of our Professional Coaches. You can book in that call at the following link:
Training commences at 9am and concludes at 7pm each day.

The duration of the program varies depending on the specific needs and schedule of the participants. Please contact us for more details on the program schedule and customisation options.

If your goal is to get an ICF ACC Credential we have created and ICF approved Level 1 Coaching Certification to support you in achieving this credential as quickly as possible. This program involves the ICF Approved Leadership Coaching Certification (65 hours, virtual or F2F) + Mentor Coaching + Coaching Competency Assessment. Upon completion of these THREE steps you receive your Level 1 Certification. For further clarity please schedule your complimentary Discovery Call here:

The “Implementing Psychological Safety” program is available in-person. We offer flexible delivery methods to accommodate the preferences and needs of our clients.

ACSTH Stands for Approved Coach Specific Training Hours. It is a pathway for credentials into the ICF.

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One of the best COACHING Training providers in Thailand. I had a wonderful & memorable sessions with the Master Facilitators Luke & Cristy for NLP & ICF Coaching Certification for 5+4 days.
Jon Teoh WZ
"I am full of gratitude to Coach Luke and Coach Cristy, alongside with the team of Assistant Coaches. The 5 days training were tough, scary because got exam and requires 70% to pass."
Joseph Tan
“This is the best way to Break Through our self. Luke and Christy gave me an awesome experience. It's not only NLP's knowledge, it's real experience that you can using in real life.”
Mod Khomthong