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ICF Leadership Coaching Certification

Accelerate Your Leadership Journey with World-Class Coaching Skills with ICF - Leadership Coaching Certification

ICF Leadership Coaching Certification

This Coach Certification Program is designed to teach you the essential skills needed to be an effective & powerful Coach. The focus of this program is HOW to Coach Leaders, Executives & anyone wanting to improve their Life or Business.

You’ll learn aspects of Executive & Peer Coaching, Succession Planning, Delegation, Leadership & Business Development. You’ll discover specific tools, techniques & systems that develop you as a Professional Coach, for Best Results. This program is certified by the ICF, the World’s largest Coaching Authority, and you will receive the ACSTH accreditation for 65 hours Coach Training.

Coaching As An Effective Leadership Tool

Now is an exciting time, as we see Leaders developing into effective Coaches. Leaders of today MUST have effective skills to Coach, and be confident to use them, in today’s dynamic work environment. As more Leaders use the tools & techniques to Coach others, the organisation is able to create a true Coaching Culture, where Growth & Development are the norm. Unlock the untapped potential of your workforce for massive results.

Coaching & Leadership Tools

A ‘toolbox’ full of Leadership & Coaching tools, techniques, templates, systems, & processes that allow you to create change in your clients, so they can achieve success in all areas of Life

Coaching Structure & Process

As you discover the 8 core competencies of ICF approved Coaches, you’ll also learn to apply simple & effective Coach methodologies, systems & processes, making your practice efficient, productive & replicable with your colleagues & clients. You’ll also discover the GROWTH Coaching framework, which will accelerate your ability to achieve results.

Professional Guidelines

This Certification Training strictly follows the guidelines set by the International Coach Federation (ICF). These modules cover the detailed step-by-step processes, to become an Internationally Accredited Coach. And for those considering to become a Professional or Executive Coach, the skills learned here will enable you to become an internationally qualified PAID Coach.

Develop & Empower Yourself

As you learn all the tools to Coach others, you’ll also be learning how to Coach Yourself. Coaching is one of the best ways to develop yourself to the highest version of yourself, improving every area of your Life, including Health, Wealth & Happiness.

Grow Your Career Or Business

Take the leap from ‘helping’ family & friends, to be able to Coach colleagues within your business, or Coach real paying clients. With an internationally recognized Certification, you can Coach anyone, anywhere, anytime!!

ICF Leadership Coaching Certification Next Session:

18 – 21 July 2024

ACSTH Accreditation – the original ICF Credential that includes your 65 hours Coach Specific Training

Regular Investment – 79,900 THB

Early Bird Investment – 59,000 THB on a 5 month payment plan

Payment in Full – 55,000 THB

*Please note that MENTORING is NOT included is the package, but can be arranged separately after you complete your Coach Training

LEVEL 1 Accreditation – In Late 2022, The International Coaching Federation Launched A New Credentialing Process For New Coaches. The LEVEL 1 Credentialing Process Is More Comprehensive And Includes Most Of The Requirements Needed To Achieve Your ACC Credential With The ICF. The LEVEL 1 Package Includes;

  • Your 65hr ACSTH Coach Training Workshop
  • 10 Hours Of Mentor Coaching With 7 Hrs Delivered As Group Mentor Coaching & 3 Hours 1-On-1 Mentor Coaching, All Provided By An MCC Certified Coach
  • Initial Assessment Of Your ACC Coaching Submission – As Part Of Your Credentialing Process, You Need To Submit A Recorded Coaching Conversation Of Between 20-60min To The ICF For Assessment. Under LEVEL 1 Credential, Your Mentor Will Listen To This Recording, Offering Feedback Or ‘Approving’ Your Submission. Then Speeds Up Your Whole Credentialing Process

Regular Investment – 129,900 THB

Early Bird Investment – 100,000 THB On A 5 Month Payment Plan

Payment In Full – 95,000 THB


If Your Goal Is To Be ACC Certified With The ICF, Here Is The Full Overview Of Requirements;

  • 60hrs Coach Specific Training – Ours Is 65hr
  • 100hrs Coaching Experience – 70hrs Of These Must Be PAID Hrs
  • Pay The Application Fee Direct To ICF ($300-500)
  • Receive 10hrs Of Mentor Coaching – We Provide This As An Additional Service
  • Pass The CKA On-Line Assessment – 155 Multiple Choice Questions, To Be Completed Within 3hrs, With A 70% Pass Mark
  • Submit One Audio Recording Of A Coaching Conversation, With Transcript, 20-60min – Initially, Submit To Your Mentor (Under Level 1), Then To The ICF

If You Have Previously Completed Your ACSTH Coach Training With Coachology Or With Another Coach Training Provider, You Can Still Apply For Your ACC Credential, Following The Process Above, And Submitting To ICF Under ACSTH Pathway


If You Have Any Questions About Your Coaching Credential, Please Contact Coach Luke At Luke@Coachology.Com Or WhatsApp On +66857822634

Are You Ready?

Accelerate Your Leadership Journey With World-Class Coaching Skills With ICF – Leadership Coaching Certification​

Receiving Internationally Certified & Accredited Certificates


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